Lift Station 5 Replacement

City of Orlando, Florida
August 2015-2017

Project Manager : Mrs. Prieto is serving as project manager during the construction of the Lift Station 5 project, which includes the demolition and new construction of a 7.5 MGD lift station in downtown Orlando. Her responsibilities include bidding assistance, shop drawing review and coordination and engineering services during construction.

CMOM/EMS Program, Orange County Utilities

Orlando, Florida

Project Manager : Mrs. Prieto is the project manager for Orange County Utilities’ (OCU) CMOM and EMS program. In order to ensure adequate transparency and documentation, OCU decided to initiate a two-year project to analyze and upgrade their CMOM program. In addition, they decided to roll out the CMOM program through an EMS program. Mrs. Prieto is working closely with OCU to help manage the activities that are part of the CMOM program and create the EMS framework.

Recycled Materials Processing Facility – Evaluation, Design and Construction

Reedy Creek Improvement District, Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Project Manager : Reedy Creek is no longer composting their biosolids and waste at their site. They have an existing building that was used for those operations that can now be re-purposed. Mrs. Prieto is leading Brown and Caldwell’s efforts to evaluate the building condition and then proceed with design and construction assistance for the chosen alternative.

Florida Boulevard Pump Station Design and Construction

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Project Manager : Mrs. Prieto is serving as the project manager for re-design and engineering services during construction for the rehabilitation of two pump stations on Florida Boulevard in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Stanton Energy Pump Station Analysis and Design, Orlando Utilities Commission

Orlando, Florida

Project Manager : OUC needed to provide wash water to a new facility within the Curtis Stanton Energy Plant. Mrs. Prieto led the effort to analyze the existing hydraulics of the water supply system on site as well as provide preliminary design for a booster pump station.

South East Regional Water Treatment Plant

Seminole County, Florida

Regional Sales Manager : Mrs. Prieto assisted with the design, bidding, and installation and start-up of six (6) vertical turbine high service pumps and eight (8) variable frequency drives at the SERWTP expansion. The project had tight deadlines and Mrs. Prieto worked in close coordination with the County, contractor, and engineer to ensure that the pumps were delivered on time.

Conserv II Water Reclamation Facility

City of Orlando, Florida

Regional Sales Manager : Mrs. Prieto has assisted the contractor and the City to troubleshoot electrical issues, upstream of five (5) turbo blowers. In addition, Mrs. Prieto has spent a significant amount of time on-site troubleshooting, assisting with start-up and training, and overseeing the installation of the equipment.

Multiple Projects, Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA)

Jacksonville, Florida

Regional Sales Manager : Mrs. Prieto has worked on multiple projects with JEA, assisting with the design and installation of pumps, modifications to pumps and headworks equipment.

Camelot Water Reclamation Facility, Toho Water Authority

Kissimmee, Florida

Regional Sales Manager : Mrs. Prieto assisted with a pilot study, design, construction assistance and start-up testing for three (3) effluent disk filters at the Camelot WRF.

Mt. Pleasant Waterworks Reclaimed Water Feasibility Study

South Carolina

Project Manager : Mrs. Prieto is served as project manager to evaluate the feasibility of using satellite wastewater treatment plants to produce reclaimed water for potential anchor customers (six golf courses) within the Town of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Tasks related to this project included data collection, data analysis, cost development, and conceptual design of the proposed satellite treatment facilities.

City of Key West Reclaimed Wastewater Permit Renewal and Water Feasibility Study Update


Task Leader : As a requirement of the wastewater facility permit administered by FDEP, the City of Key West had to update their reclaimed water feasibility study. Mrs. Prieto led the task to update the reclaimed water feasibility study. The efforts include evaluating alternatives for reclaimed water usage in the City of Key West including a full economic analysis of the alternatives.

City of Tampa Reclaimed Water System


Task Leader : Mrs. Prieto is led the efforts to complete a utility guide and development guide for the reclaimed water system. The documents include procedures, standards, pertinent information, permit information, and requirements.

United Water New Jersey (UWNJ) Recycled Water Evaluation

New Jersey

Project Manager : UWNJ was required by the Board of Public Utilities of New Jersey to evaluate the usage of recycled water in UWNJ’s North Jersey service area. Mrs. Prieto led the efforts to complete the required plan that includes a summary of reuse projects both in and out of NJ, a summary of pertinent regulations, and a full alternatives analysis.

Loudoun Water Reclaimed Water Management Plan and Reclaimed Water Permit Addendum


Project Manager : Loudoun Water is progressing in the implementation of their reclaimed water system. Mrs. Prieto headed up the efforts as project manager to complete one of the final components of the implementation of the reclaimed water system, the required permit addendum and Reclaimed Water Management Plan. The plan is required by Virginia Department of Quality reclaimed water regulations. The plan covers the logistics of the reclaimed water system including a description of the system, monitoring requirements, effluent limits, effluent quality, a summary of customers, a water balance, and associated reclaimed water components.

Toho Water Authority (TWA) Reclaimed Water Master Plan

Kissimmee, Florida

Project Manager : Mrs. Prieto served as project manager for the TWA Reclaimed Water Master Plan. The plan outlined the TWA’s water reclamation facilities and customer base and evaluated the supply and demand for current and future capacities. Included in the plan were a hydraulic model, water balance model, flow projections, storage need analysis, and recommendations for future infrastructure and operation.

Enterprise Development Corporation, Reclaimed Water Master Plan

Celebration, Florida

Project Manager : Mrs. Prieto served as project manager for a reclaimed water master plan for the City of Celebration. The plan was integrated with the TWA Reclaimed Water Master Plan, as the City purchases reclaimed water from TWA. The plan identified infrastructure needs for future capacity and includes a hydraulic model and water balance model.

Parker Lakes Development Reuse Feasibility Study and Permit Modification

Lee County, Florida

Task Leader : Mrs. Prieto served as task leader for a permit modification for Lee County, which would permit the utility to deliver reclaimed water to the stormwater retention ponds located in Parker Lakes. The development currently draws water out of the ponds for irrigation use. The reclaimed water will supplement the stormwater for additional irrigation use.

Dependability Study

New York, New York

Technical Review Committee Member :
Mrs. Prieto provided technical review of a study to determine the feasibility of different reclaimed water projects to supply reclaimed water to New York City. The study is identifying potential projects and the advantages and disadvantages of each project. The report also includes conceptual costs, treatment needs, land requirements, potential customers, and a conceptual conveyance system.

South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) Alternative Water Supply Feasibility Study

Southeast Florida, West Palm Beach, Florida

Project Engineer : Mrs. Prieto assisted with a study to evaluate subregional areas in South Florida to determine alternative water supplies to serve for potable water sources. Alternative water supplies including brackish water and reclaimed water were identified for each area and then evaluated and ranked based on ease of permitting, land requirements, treatment requirements, public acceptance, capacity, and cost.

Loudoun County Sanitation Authority, Development of Water Reuse Program Service Agreement Template

Loudoun County, Virginia

Task Leader, : Loudoun County Sanitation Authority (LCSA) contracted CDM SMITH to assist in the implementation of the Authority’s first reclaimed water system. As part of these efforts, Mrs. Prieto assisted LCSA to put together a Water Reuse Program Service Agreement template for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The task included researching other reclaimed water providers agreements and recommendations from EPA and other state departments and coordination with the LCSA utilities and legal staff

Eastern Region Reuse Water Distribution System (ERRWDS)

City of Orlando

Project Engineer : The City of Orlando renovated their reclaimed water distribution system. The project included renovations to the reuse pumping system at the Iron Bridge WWTF as well as an additional reclaimed water line through the City’s reclaimed service area. Mrs. Prieto aided in the permitting of the reuse pumping renovations as well as hydraulic modeling and design of the new reclaimed water line.

Conserv II Reuse Distribution System

Orlando, Florida

Project Engineer : The project included renovating the hydraulic system to meet increasing demands at the Metrowest Pump Station. Mrs. Prieto’s responsibilities included H2O Net modeling and associated calculations of the existing reuse distribution system as well as projected demands on the system.

Reedy Creek Energy Services Odor Control Study

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Project Manager : As development encroaches the Reedy Creek wastewater treatment plant and compost facility, there are growing concerns over odor control. Mrs. Prieto served as project manager in the odor control study CDM SMITH conducted for Reedy Creek. The study included sampling, odor dispersion modeling, and an evaluation of alternatives.

Marco Island Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase II

Marco Island, Florida

Mrs. Prieto assisted with the permitting efforts needed to expand the Marco Island WWTP, a MBR facility. The City needed to increase the capacity of the facility to accommodate the additional flow from the new sewer system being installed on the island. MBRs were used to meet capacity needs on a small site plan, while creating an effluent that met public access reuse standards.

Orange County Utilities Wastewater Facilities Plan

Orange County, Florida

Project Manager : Mrs. Prieto served as project manager for a unique project that evaluated the equipment, process, and physical plant conditions of the county’s three existing water reclamation facilities and one potential new facility. The plan includes a process review team that evaluated the capacity needs for each plant and created a plan to meet the capacity needs on the current site plans. Additional structural, electrical, instrumentation, and civil evaluations were conducted on each plant. A separate evaluation was done on to evaluate a central biosolids facility for the county as well. The purpose of the report was to create a CIP to 2030 for each of the water reclamation facilities (WRFs), to standardize equipment and processes for the county’s plants, review physical improvements that need to be made, and ensure that the facilities will meet future regulatory compliance.

South Water Reclamation Facility (SWRF) Phase IVA and IVB Improvements

Orange County Utilities, Florida

Project Engineer/Field Engineer : The improvements to SWRF included renovation of biological treatment processes, solids handling, secondary clarification, filtration and associated yard piping. Mrs. Prieto assisted with process and mechanical design, coordination and production of design documents (specifications and plans), construction management, permitting, and start-up assistance for this fast-track design-build project. Mrs. Prieto worked on both the design and construction management, spending over a year in the field overseeing construction activities.

North East Water Treatment Plant (NEWTP) Test Well Program Phase IB, Collier County Public Utilities Engineering

Collier County, Florida

Project Manager : Collier County strategically plans to constantly be looking for new water supplies – especially due to water quality concerns and lack of available land to drill water supply wells. The NEWTP Test Well Program team evaluated sites for wellfields, conducted well testing on these sites, and provided routing studies from the potential sites to the facility.

Water Authority of Volusia (WAV), Master Facilities Plan

Volusia County, Florida

Assistant Project Manager : WAV is the association of 14-member governments that have come together to regionally address the water shortage problems in Central Florida. The Master Facilities Plan project consisted of 14 tasks in the areas of information collection, hydraulic modeling, water projections, CUP consolidation, decision modeling, GIS database, funding mechanisms, wellfield management, water quality assessment, and staffing and operations. Through Mrs. Prieto’s role as assistant project manager, she coordinated the day-to-day efforts of various tasks and held larger roles in data collection, water projections, and funding mechanisms. Mrs. Prieto worked with the managers’ advisory committee (MAC) of the WAV to create a new assessment for mid-term funding for WAV as well as aided in the preparation of a Community Budget Inclusion Request (CB IR) to the State of Florida for a conservation program for WAV.

Final Design of Ground Storage Tank and Booster Pumping Station

Callaway, Florida

Project Engineer : As part of the City of Callaway’s ongoing projects to improve their drinking water system, the City is installing a ground storage tank for potable water. Mrs. Prieto provided permitting assistance from FDEP, Bay County and the FDOT to construct a ground storage tank and booster pumping station.

Highway 2297 Water and Wastewater Sewer Improvements

Callaway, Florida

Project Engineer : Mrs. Prieto provided permitting assistance for the installation of new water and wastewater lines for the City of Callaway. Permits were needed from FDEP and Bay County to construct the new lines.

18-Inch Transmission Main

Callaway, Florida

Project Engineer : The backbone of the City of Callaway’s water system renovations included an 18-inch water transmission main routed down a power corridor. Mrs. Prieto provided permit and easement obtainment assistance. Included in the necessary permits were a wetland permit from ACOE and FDEP, a submerged lands easement from FDEP, a right-of-way permit from FDOT, a right-of-way permit from Bay County, and easements from Gulf Power and Progress Energy. Mrs. Prieto coordinated the efforts with the design engineers, client, and involved agencies.

Phase III Utility Improvements

Callaway, Florida

Project Engineer : Mrs. Prieto provided permitting assistance for water and sewer improvements for the City of Callaway. Included in these efforts were the following permits/easements: water facility permit from FDEP, submerged lands easement and permit, FDOT driveway permit, and FDEP wastewater permit.

Public Utilities Engineering Division, Carica Road ASR

Collier County, Florida

Project Engineer : Collier County is a pioneer in alternative water supply. One of their projects to maximize their water supply is the Carica Road ASR project. Mrs. Prieto did a hydraulic analysis of the system and selected pumps that could be used at different capacities through different phases of the project.

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA), Consumptive Use Modification

Pensacola, Florida

Project Manager : After being hit by multiple hurricanes, the ECUA needed a permit modification to their CUP to maintain adequate water supply for their growing demand. Mrs. Prieto put together the CUP modification package and coordinated with the regulators to help the ECUA obtain the modification.

Piclalene Bayou

Callaway, Florida

Project Engineer : Mrs. Prieto assisted the City of Callaway in obtaining a submerged lands easement for a water line crossing Piclalene Bayou.

Water and Wastewater Master Plan Update

Callaway, Florida

Project Engineer : The City of Callaway is tripling in population size in the upcoming years, forcing them to update their Master Plan for water and wastewater services. Mrs. Prieto assisted with the authoring of the Master Plan.

Wellfield Expansion and Reliability Program

Collier County, Florida

Project Engineer : Mrs. Prieto had a variety of roles on this expansive project. She created a database and mailings for the community involvement/public participation portion of the project, designed an eRoom and provided support for both team members and the client, and created and assisted with presentations for the Wellfield Steering Committee as well as other workshop presentations for Collier County.

Expansion of Southeast Water Purification Plant (SEWPP) High Service Pump Station

City of Houston, Texas

Project Engineer : The City of Houston is upgrading the high service pump station at the SEWPP to be able to serve an increased demand to the city as well as other co-participants on the system. Mrs. Prieto was tasked with modeling the water distribution network and pump station in H2O Net with future demands and facilities.


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